Kingship – in general

KINGSHIP is the first of my books translated into English. It is my first historical novel series, and I base it on historical events from a time when the Kingdom of the Isles, now the Hebrides, was under Norse rule. Kingship introduces you to real historical figures, and I am proud to say I descend from Torleif Haraldsson myself. Which is the reason for my undertaking of this elaborate task? For seven years I was writing on Throne Thief and Blood Bound. Then I published them in Norwegian under the title Kongsmakt in one volume. I spent another seven years writing Betrayal and Accursed before I published both in Norwegian in one volume named Kongsætt. At the same time, I divided the two books into four for reading on a tablet, computer, and kindle, and it was at that point I got in contact with Jennifer Kewley Draskau, an English author with several historical novels on her book-menu. She agreed to undertake the task of translating my books into English, and I’m pleased to say she has done a remarkable job.

I am releasing Kingship Throne Thief on Amazon, sometime in feruary or March 2019, both for Kindle and as a paperback on KDP.  You can pre-order your copy of Kingship, part one, Throne Thief on here.

Kingship will be a complete novel series with 6 volumes.