Kingship Revisited

Oh, my God!

You should think after 14 years, numerous re-drafts and editing, the book should be ready to publish, but, NO, it isn’t.

With the text translated, read through, edited and made ready for print, I set a date for publishing. My 60th birthday on the 23 of December 2018. I uploaded the manuscript and made a great cover for it, and then, I had a good friend read it. “Part of the text is not good enough,” was the information I got from him in return. “You should have a Line Editor work on it.”

Well, I searched for Line Editing, got responses that verified my friend’s critical review, and did as he suggested. Then I Signed a contract with The Polished Pen and Maxann Dobson, set for 21st of January.

So much for setting a release date? When first I published Kingship in Norwegian (part 1 & 2), I did so on my father’s birthday. When I released the second book (Part 3 & 4), I did so on my mother’s birthday. Now, I thought, It was time to honor myself. Well, think again!

I want the English translation of my books to be the best version it can be, and that’s why I relinquished my intentions of releasing Kingship—Throne Thief on my 60th birthday. Because it isn’t really that important.

What is important, is to polish the text to be an easy and exciting read for you. After all, I wrote it for you to enjoy.

So bear with me if you are waiting for Throne Thief’s release. I am anxious to get it done, but sometimes when you wait for something good—You do not wait in vain. I promise you, It will be a better book—a better read.

I will let you know when it’s released, I promise.