This has been a long journey—one that has seemed endless, but today I reached my destination. Kingship Throne Thief is live on Amazon—both for Kindle and paperback if you prefer reading a real book.

Finally, it feels like I can call myself an author (I have been doing that for quite a while, but it is one thing to have published several books in Norwegian—another to publish in English), so when I do so now it is with a sense of pride. It is true.

The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began—and so it is with my writing too. When I wrote Kingship back in 2002, I did not realize it would take this long before you could enjoy it. For two years before I wrote Kingship, I was researching the material for the series, and during the writing process I researched all the time—taking pauses in the writing to get things right, and that was the reason it took seven years to complete the first two books. Writing, researching, rewriting, editing and then publishing before I could start another seven-year project in writing the two next books. But the story does not end there, not with only four books out. It continues. I am writing on book five and knowing the full story I predict two more books after that one, but it won’t take seven years or more to finish, I promise. So now I have reached my destination, I see another road before me—the one leading to publishing book two, all the while I’m writing book five. It is nice to have more than one focus; I think.

But now I want to tell you where you can get my book.

If you want the Kindle edition you can buy it here. Throne Thief

If you rather would have a paper edition, get it here. Throne Thief