Bound by Blood

Dear reader, I am so thrilled to tell you that Kingship part two, Bound by Blood soon will be available in bookstores across the world. The final edit arrived yesterday, and I only have to read my book for the N’th time to make sure everything is all right. I wouldn’t have any faults in it, and I know one sentence is missing. I just have to find out where.

If you had any idea how much work there is to put into a book of approximately 100.000 words, you would probably forget about writing your own—that is, if your not a geek like me. Only a persistent fool stays so long with a project not knowing if anyone is going to read what he wrote—and I am such a one.

I started writing this book back in 2004, rewrote it seven times—then had it edited before publishing in my native language—Norwegian. It barely sold enough to cover the costs, which was in the upper hand of 200.000 kr. (equivalent to $20.000) Now the cost of having it translated and line-edited again is in the upper hand of $3500, but that’s what you do for your baby. Some say; Kill your babies— I say; Let your babies grow to be adults. And that’s what I’ve done.

Kingship is the best book series it could be—sticking to real history and being about real people and their arduous tasks in life. Of course, I have taken liberties; history hasn’t provided me with all truths and facts. What writer would keep his work strictly to the historical facts—if such could be found? Where would the excitement in that lie? No, I have created scenes, and plots and twists to make life hard on my characters because life is hard for most people, so why shouldn’t it be for them.

Sometimes I even imagine they have lived my story and not their own lives. At a specific point, when my life was hard enough, I didn’t write for half a year and I had my main character waking me up at night asking me; am I going to sit here the rest of my life? Well, no, but I ain’t gonna make your life better than mine so prepare yourself for some hardships. :–)

And soon part two, Bound by Blood, will be out there along with its prequel Throne Thief.

I hope you enjoy it half as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Best of luck

Egil R. R. Moe