Bound by Blood

At last, I can say: It’s out live on Amazon—Part two of Torleif Haraldsson’s Saga, Bound by Blood. This has been a long journey since first I wrote these two books in the series back in 2004. Six hundred pages of historical fantasy set in the greatest era of the Norse kingdom—the thirteenth century. In a time of conquest, trade, and diplomacy that raised the small kingdom of Norway to a greatness never to return. A time when the sons of knights and lords attended the great schools in Europe to learn languages, mathematics, etiquette, and medicine. When diplomacy became more important than war, and a time when trade and alliances built great nations.

And for me, this has become a way of life. I need to write this story—I must write it. As if the ghosts of the characters I’m writing about is standing behind me and tapping me on my shoulders, saying; When are you going to finish this? When will you get to the end? And trust me—I have planned for the end. I’ve thought about it from the start—how and when and where, but I’m still in that Marathon Middle, waiting to get there. I’ve got two more books to publish first, and three more books to write, but I’ll get there—in the end.

While I’m doing that—you readers must discover that: Kingship Throne Thief and Kingship Bound by Blood are available. And for that I need you, my friends, to spread the word—tell the world that there is a great story out there longing for someone to read it.

Until next time, I wish for you: May you find your port in every kind of storm.

E. R. R. Moe