Waiting for Bound by Blood

Does time exist, or is it a hoax, or a term for something we don’t understand?






Time seems to stand still concerning the publishing of book two in the Kingship series. The book has been through all the stages, but something was wrong and I had to go through the manuscript yet another time. When I found out what it needed, I did rewrite and have my editor go through it again. Now I am waiting for a second review by my editor. And while I’m waiting, I do the needed work for editing book three—Betrayal. I am learning a lot about writing and rewriting before editing. Let’s hope I’ll receive the book back soon, so I can publish.

Time seems to rush on for my other activities. I don’t have enough time to spend on writing my other stuff. There are two very interesting books on the way, but I can’t get enough hours. Book five in the Kingship series—Enslaved, is the one I’m working on mostly. Half of the story is done when my friend says; why don’t you translate yourself, now, before you finish—so you can publish right away? We have all the tools, and you realize you can—so why don’t you? And that’s what I started with yesterday. Rewriting Enslaved, translating it to English while I do it.

My other project is The Anthill, a near future dystopia where I fantasize what happens to England when they jump without a parachute from the tower of the European Union. 60 years into the future a lot of bad stuff might happen, and people could have a terrible “day at work”. I will not blow my story, but you can figure it out for yourself if you compare human society to that of The Anthill. Not that I know everything there is to learn about ants, but…

And then, life is happening, as usual. I worry, and then some. Mostly about not having the time or the money to do what I love the best—writing stories for you to read. But at least I got this update done.

Best wishes

E. R. R. Moe