Waiting for Betrayal

It feels like I’ve started a new life. It took me 60 years to get to the point of taking control of my life and become independent. I now only have two goals; to take care of me and my family, and to write and publish Torleif  Haraldsson’s saga—whith the first two books already live, I’m on my way to achieving my goal.

As we speak, book three is being scrutinized by my line editor for fine-tuning, and I’m already in the last stages with book four. Just a month, or two, and I’ll be sending that one to line-editing to.

But, now, it’s all about Betrayal. As the title suggests, I’m changing the story to be more true to history; to let the man mentioned in the chronicles become king for a short time; albeit some years later than what the chronicles tell. Torleif was never written down as a king of Man—although he is mentioned, but not named—as a young man fighting against the Scot’s. At least I believe it to be him. I see no other who could have made his way into the chronicles this way—in the first battle against Lord Eogan of Argyle—in 1252.

But Betrayal is taking place in 1266 when the Scots have been “in charge” of the Island for three years already and the Norse is just getting accustomed to the thought that they may never again belong to the kingdom of Norway—but they are not at all ready to succumb to the Scottish government. This is a time of strife and rebellion—of mustering forces and believing in a cause—that they still can cast the intruders into the sea, once and for all.

And, I’ve put a fair deal of true life into the story as well—as seen from my point of view. Life is a B****, and sometimes it hurts more than you thought possible. Sometimes you just think you are under the curse. That someone cast a spell on you, or that you sometime in the past got on the wrong side with the people of the underworld—that you let your waters in the field without issuing a warning, or that you passed by a certain bridge without greeting the little people; when you should have.

Anyways; Betrayal will be out by August. Be sure to buy and read Throne Thief and Bound by Blood before that time. Until the next time; May you find your port in every kind of storm.