Betrayal is Live

It’s here! Part three of my series: Torleif Haraldsson’s Saga Kingship Part Three—Betrayal.

You have read nothing like it.

Hardships never come alone—they always come in waves, and Torleif discovers that blood, perhaps, is not thicker than water. He must battle his uncle—a most renowned knight of the kingdom, and then—the Scots arrive, war is threatening the isles, and change is coming. Government, laws, rules, people—all changes in this turbulent time, never to return the same.

This part of the story was a great challenge to write, because it forced me to do things to my beloved characters—things I never thought they would be capable of. They moved through the story on their own, ignoring my original plan, and made choices I had never thought of. It was terrifying to observe how they changed, and what they did, but, then I observed they lived their lives—nothing more, and I was a distant observer to it all. And all I can say is: Thank you, my characters, for letting me make this journey with you.