Preparing for Acursed

I just went on the hardest hiking trail ever and I returned a different man. How this came about? My son likes to take extreme challenging hikes, and he needed someone to make this challenge together with. No one wanted to accept his challenge, so he exclaimed: I’ll do it myself, then. I stated I would not allow him to do this alone, so he claimed: If you are coming along you must start working out. Well, I did just that and soon the day arrived for us to travel to our destination—the start of our hike, in the mountains of northern Norway. For 8 days we covered a distance of 300 km by foot, with backpacks weighing 35kg at the start—lessening the weight by a few 100 grams for each day that went by—in the way of food eaten.

Feet and back strained to the blistering point, strength and stamina tested to their limits, lungs panting and sweat streaming in the hot weather, we reached our destination four days earlier than planned. Then we had 80 km of canoeing down one of Norway’s famed salmon rivers—the Reisa river. It had not rained for weeks and the river held little water, making our journey more pleasant than if it had been otherwise, but still holding some different and dangerous passages—where the river narrowed and plummeted down into deep pools of swirling waters. It almost went dangerously wrong as the current twisted the canoe around and almost tipped it—spilling loads of water into it, soaking our clothes and backpacks. Luckily we stayed afloat and came out wiser from the experience.

The clear waters of the river reviled its secrets, and we saw salmons swimming under the canoe—the greatest experience as we entered a large deep pool where a father and his eight-year-old son was battling a huge fish. Asking permission we put ashore and hauled the canoe out of the water lest the salmon should run under it. We used a camera and cellphone to document this spectacular event as the father instructed his son in landing his first salmon ever. At last, the father had to take over the actual landing of the fish—after spending an hour battling the fish, his son had lost his strength. .IMG_8989

Finally, after two hard days of paddling downstream, wind at our faces, we arrived our final destination and booked a room for a shower and a good nights sleep. The experience fulfilled I had tested my strength of will and some of my fears—deep and churning waters being one of them and come out a stronger man—a man fully aware of that we can achieve our goals if only we persist. Now that I am safely home I will put this knowledge into use and fulfill my writer’s goals—with no delay. And so I’m launching my new Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed to fulfill the publishing of Kingship four.

To all of you who have been wondering whatever happened to this campaign, this project is well underway by itself. The publishing of my two last books in Norwegian gave me enough money to find a translator and get the project going. I am now publishing book three on most platforms—with book one and two already listed in bookstores online. They are also available as paperbacks from Print On Demand stores worldwide.

Alas, I have spent every dime I had on this process, and lack proficient funding for releasing book four in the series. That’s where Kickstarter comes into play. By funding this project you will help to make this dream come true. Also, it will provide me with enough propulsion to finish writing book five, and get started on book six—and maybe book seven, but that is where the story ends. And what an end it will be, but that I shall not reveal here and now. Wait and see.

My new project will launch soon on Kickstarter under the name: Kingship