Keeping up the good work

Being true to myself and this page is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Remembering to check in here and tell you what is going on is almost an impossible task. Why? Because I just can’t stop writing. I’m at the end of running Kingship part four Accursed through the Pro Writing Aid program, getting it ready for the scrutiny of my Editor. And, I’m writing a new and exciting novel as a diversion to what seems a life-long task of finishing the series about Torleif Haraldsson. I’m not going to tell you what this new novel is about, you will have to wait until it’s ready to see the light of day, but at least I’m excited about writing it.

Anyway, Kingship part three is out in the bookstores, so if you haven’t been there in a while, I recommend you check it out. And, Accursed will be out before Christmas, I’m sure. So within this year, I have released all the four novels written in the saga of Torleif Haraldsson. Now remains to write the three last and ending ones. And by the looks of it, it will only take one-year per book.

And in between, I will be writing other novels along with it. I find this works well for me. Spending four days a week writing my main story, and one day a week on another. Keeps my mind and pen sharp and to the point. This picture is taken from my favorite author’s office.