Do I have writers block?


I’m not getting much writing done, and it frustrates me. I really should dive into the matter, but the winds of life happen and blow me in a different direction, and I’m having a hard time accepting it. But, then again, maybe I should consider that things change. That I don’t have to write all the time.

Right now, I’m caring for my horse that had an operation to remove bone fragments from his hock. Ortokondrose is a common genetic fault in young horses and not a problem if you correct it at an early stage—which, luckily, we did. But his recovery is at least five weeks in a stall box. That could drive any horse insane, but Grand Cavaron doesn’t mind, it seems.

So, you see, I’m disabled, for the time being, and unable to continue the story. Even though I know what to write, I can’t find the time to get the job done.

I hope that doesn’t discourage you from reading the first four books in the series, though. Cause, when I embark on a mission, I always see it through. It may take a bit longer than I imagined, but I will get there—I shall complete the series.