The Man who came down from the Mountains

Excited, that’s what I am!
I finished work on The Man who came down from the Mountains, and I must say I am happy with my accomplishment. The book turns out a lot better than promised. Right now, I’m in between finishing the project and starting the next one. The Man who came down from the Mountains is at my editor’s for the last word polishing, so I have nothing more to do before it returns. And, since I’m going to continue working on Kingship book 5, Enslaved, and imply all the things I have learned this last year, I just had to start rewriting it. It is an improvement, but going back to writing Norwegian is a challenge.
I want to have the same sense of the world my characters live in, and my English project was a test to see if I can do it – write a story in a foreign tongue. And, I want the same person to work on the translation. I know I have an audience in both worlds – the Norwegian readers and my fans in the rest of the world.
So, I’m not doing much these days, but waiting for the return of my book. When I get it back, I will get it through the last stage before publishing, And I am considering entering it for the 2021 UK Kindle Storytelling contest. I hope you all will vote for me if I do.

Thank You.