The Man who came down from the Mountains

Hi, friend. It has been some time since last I wrote something here. I have been so busy revising The Man who came down from the Mountains, and I did not prioritize updating my blog. Now, I am in the final stage of creating the book, and it is about time I told you about the story.

I was part of a group creating and organizing Larp events since 1991, and the story in The Man who came down from the Mountains hail from a Larp this group made in 1994. Forty-four people took part in that event, and it lasted an entire weekend.

I used the character sheet from 1994 as a guideline for describing characters and their motivations. I have modified the story, but mostly, what happens in the book happened in real life. However, the monsters are more plentiful and terrifying in the book than what we could create in life.

Between 1994 and 2017, the LARP group, Soria Moria, made close to forty LARP events, some of them with more than 140 people attending and lasting up to five days total. The best prop we included in one of the scenarios was a replica of a Viking ship, coming to take some of the characters away to the land of the dead. A smoke machine created the illusion of a ghost-like ship.

The world we created grew for each LARP, and places, character names, gods, and stories of this world, became almost tangible. It is about time more people learn of the land Allfirda, of the many brave and heroic characters who lived there, and the adventures they partook in.

I intend to write many more stories from Allfirda, some fictitious, others based on these Live Adventure Roleplaying Games, and I hope you tag along reading them. But first, I hope you enjoy reading the first book in the Allfirda Saga; The Man who came down from the Mountains. The book will be released in August, and you can buy it on Amazon.