My best book so far has been published.

I am proud to say I have published; The Man who came down from the Mountains. You can download the e-Book or Buy the Paperback on Amazon. I also enlisted the book for the StorytellerUK2021 contest. I stand to win the twenty-thousand-pound reward if I sell enough books and get good reviews.

The Man who came down from the Mountains is the best book I have written so far. It is an excellent story with promises of even more fantastic stories. It is also a high fantasy story in a low fantasy setting, which may be unique in the world of fantasy.

The world and primary country of this story were created through more than 40 LARPs (Live Action Role-Playing Scenarios) by the LARP organization Soria Moria, of which I was a founder and member until of late. And the history and society of Allfirda are thoroughly defined, which makes for many good books to come.

This first book of the Allfirda Saga starts as the LARPS began, promising more to come. It takes you into the world of Allfirda at the crucial moment when the government fails, the father of all gods abandons his creation, and the threat of the birth of the god of destruction is evident in the skies. It falls to a handful of people of different backgrounds and races to stop this catastrophe because, for sure, the birth of the god of destruction would cause the end of the world (as we know it).

And, as the side story implies, this venture did not go all too well. The world has changed for the worse, and all that was good has turned out bad.

It is not possible to recreate a LARP in a book, but you can do the best of it and portray the characters as close to what the persons who played them acted out their role. And, then again, you have to change the story to build tension for the reader: if you were not present at the LARP, you need more info to be just as scared when the trolls attack.

I hope you get intrigued with my story, enough to buy it, read it and rate it, because; I can only win this contest by how many people read an excerpt from the book on Amazon, by sale numbers and ratings of the book. So, if you buy it, read a section on Amazon, and rate it afterward. If you don’t, read an excerpt on Amazon, at least.

And, friend; Thank you for staying with me this far.